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Levenskracht Statistieken


4 days ago
Birth Becomes Her

Baby on it’s way!

In honor of National Midwifery week, we share with you a collection of stunning images and clips illustrating the beauty, commitment and love of midwives. Please share and TAG your midwife to let ... See more

1 week ago
Qmusic - België

Goede morgen!
Samen spelen, elkaar nadoen,..., plezier hebben.

Zo'n schattige versie van 'Girls Like You' zagen we nog nooit! 😍👨‍👧

1 week ago
Birth Unscripted

Wat betekende uw vroedvrouw voor jou?!

It is Midwifery Week and oh, how we LOVE our midwives! We partnered with the other instructors over at Birthbound Photographer - a resource for birth photographers to create this beautiful montage ... See more